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However Long The Night: Molly Melching's Journey To Help Millions Of African Women And Girls Triumph (2013)

by Aimee Molloy(Favorite Author)
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0062132768 (ISBN13: 9780062132765)
review 1: Amazing book. There are some great quotes in this book. From the title; "However long the night, the sun will rise again". "Don't build dams in your river. Allow the water to flow and go where it takes you. If you do, you will be okay". And the story about a competition between the sun and the wind that transpires after both spot a man walking alone down a road. " I bet I can make that man take off his coat sooner than you" The wind said to the sun. " Go ahead and try", said the sun" we'll see who wins." The wind huffed and puffed with all his might, hoping to blow the man's jacket right off him, but this just made the man pull his coat more tightly around his body. " Let me try now", said the smiling sun. With much gentleness, the sun beamed warm rays of sunlight ... moredown on the man. The man loosened his grip, and soon, basking in the warm sunlight, he happily removed his coat... Some great lessons in these quotes and in this very well written book.
review 2: I have been longing to read about female genital cutting and why this tradition is widely practice in africa for quite certain time. However, i cant find the right book that envisioned what i had in mind. When i found this book in a shop, i was skeptical. A thoughts filled in my head saying the disappointment after reading it will be in present. I was wrong. This is a story about an ordinary woman who started incrementally in changing the dangerous tradition practiced by the villagers in senegal. She started with education of human rights and in the same time, combining the value of unity in the society by dialogues and classes to raise awareness about female genital cutting. It is truly remarkable and inspiring what she accomplished in the villages of Senegal. The tostan program she worked on has now reaching to other country like Somali. less
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Great book about a much needed service to women , delivered in a respectful and thoughtful manner.
Very powerful. How beautiful the effect of one dedicated woman. Inspiring and challenging.
A very inspiring story of how to facilitate change from within a group of people.
LOVED it! Time to go out into the world and make a difference!
Did not finish. I don't know why, I just found it irritating
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