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Rise Of The Videogame Zinesters: How Freaks, Normals, Amateurs, Artists, Dreamers, Drop-outs, Queers, Housewives, And People Like You Are Taking Back An Art Form (2012)

by Anna Anthropy(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 2
1609803728 (ISBN13: 9781609803728)
Seven Stories Press
review 1: Not unlike zines themselves, this book rolls along at its own pace and in its own direction, reading equally like a call to action for representation in game making and the diversification of the creator's landscape, an introduction to some of the elements of game design, and personal anecdotes about her own experience with making games. Well cited, an easy and fun read, and a good exposure to some of the tools and techniques available to non-technical (whatever the fuck that means) creators.
review 2: what a fabulous little book for people who don't program, love games, and want to make their own.part screed, part practical advice, this little gem will help you alter the way you think about videogames as an experience. like a lot of over-15 gamers, i adore gam
... morees but often cannot find anything i want to play if i'm not in the mood to shoot something, put an arrow in it, slice it in half with a sword, zap it to cinder with my magical electrical powers, burn it up with my fire spells... you get the idea.and it's been disheartening lately, with game manufacturers putting out sequel after sequel, promising you the Next Best Call of Duty but saying that they won't be investing in the Next Best Portal. Game manufacturing, at least on a large scale, has gone Hollywood. ya, i get why, but it still makes me sad, and leaves me feeling like videogames will be forever an unexplored medium.and along comes Anna Anthropy, and tells me "fuck that! make your own."ya. i'm liking it.once she's done with the screed part and with convincing you to make your own, she gives a really good run-down of how a game gets made, what thought processes are needed, what tools you can use, and how to level up your own game making. it's not a comprehensive book, and what you learn here isn't going to get you a job at Bethesda. but if you just want to see some small videogames that don't require you to kill something to feel good about yourself, she makes it eminently clear that you really can do that. all by yourself.so yay! i'm off now, to do a little more research, and then go make a game. less
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Lovely and informative. It's also a great kick in the ass to go make a game!
Manifesto inspirador sobre jogos e faça-você-mesmo.
Recommended by L. J. - sounds very cool!
Just read it. It's awesome.
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