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A Life's Work: Fathers And Sons (2010)

by Ben Bradlee(Favorite Author)
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0684808951 (ISBN13: 9780684808956)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: Ben Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post during Watergate, has always struck me as a tough guy. Reading this book about his relationship with his son Quinn has dispelled that myth. Quinn has VCFS, a genetic syndrone which impairs mental and physical ability. He's a remarkable young man who has overcome many obstacles with the help of his dad, Ben. In the process of raising his son, Mr. Bradlee has become a softer, more accessible person according to his wife, Sally Quinn. Each of the three, Ben, Quinn, and Quinn's mother, Sally, take turns writing with the bulk of the chapters being written by Ben and Quinn. I loved reading about Mr. Bradlee's early life with his father during the Depression. His dad modeled integrity and Mr. Bradlee has done that for his son. You'... morere going to enjoy reading this memoir.
review 2: Actually, the authors are Ben & Quinn Bradlee, with observations by Sally Quinn. Quinn is Ben & Sally's son, who was born with a serious heart defect and learning disabilities. This is an enormously touching story from all three of their perspectives about dads and sons hanging out together-- in the Bradlee family, beginning with Ben and his dad, and continuing with Quinn-- working in their family's woods, and connecting in an enduring way with nature and with each other. The stuff of life-- being in the moment, and as Quinn calls it, listening to the trees. less
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Story of a man and his LD boy/lots of chopping in the woods together
The chapter about men and chainsaws is hilarious.
Faather son bonding over chain saws.
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