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42 Hours (2000)

by Bethany Lopez(Favorite Author)
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Time for Love
review 1: * ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW *42 Hours (Time For Love Series Book 3) by Bethany Lopez is a Contemporary Romance Novel. Gaby and Scott have been friends since high school, until prom night when they took their friendship to another level, though they kept their true feelings to themselves, they refused to ruin their friendship. Six years later, Scott is engaged to a ruthless, spoiled, and rich Victoria. Gaby knows Victoria is not the one Scott should marry, because Scott is miserable and Gaby sees it. She only wants Scott happiness and nothing more, and she knows if he marries Victoria, he will never be completely happy.She pulled me closer against her, and dipped her head further back so she could maintain eye contact. "For me Scott...It's always bee... moren you." -Gaby Gaby is dating Brock an all-around nice guy. He raised his two brothers Brady and Brendan on his own. Though Gaby found so many qualities in Brock that she admired she still couldn't stop thinking of Scott. Scott was the one who invaded her thoughts and feelings, and Scott was someone Brock wasn't, her first."You both know about me and Gaby...We have a history, and although things haven't worked out for us so far, I think now might be the time. She's the one, guys. I'm happiest when I'm with her...I actually like the man I am when I'm with her." -Scott Scott secured a four day weekend trip at the lake for him, Gaby, and their friends Shelly, Cal, Shasha and TJ. This is where he would get his chance to prove to Gaby that they are meant to be together, will Scott be able to pull it off when an unexpected visitor shows up? 42 hours. Is that enough time for Scott to win Gaby over before it's too late? "As I listen to the words, I remember why I love this song. It reminded me of Scott, and prom night, because when the sun came up, I'd known that I loved him. I'd been trying to fight it and forget every day since." -GabbyI loved this novel I loved everything about the characters. The author really bought these two characters from the pages of this novel, which had me rooting for them from the beginning, especially the close bond they shared since high school. The feelings they felt for one another stayed hidden so long from one another so that they wouldn't ruin their friendship. As for the other couples who was bought to life in the first two series, Shelly, Cal, Sasha, and TJ completed the circle. 42 Hours the 3rd book in the Time for Love series was a short read but yet won't disappoint. I have a feeling we will be reading more from this author because I really don't think this story is quite over. I would recommend this book. * * * * * *Gabby and Scott is also in the first two books of this series.* 8 Weeks (Time For Love Series Book 1) Is Shelly and Cal's story.21 Days (Time For Love Series Book 2) Is Sasha and TJ's story. 42 Hours (Time For Love Series Book 3) Is Gaby and Scott's story.REVIEWED BY Kimberly Jones (Brown)FOR SUMMER'S BOOK BLOG
review 2: *Received an ARC for an honest review*42 Hours is a great addition to what is becoming a can't miss series. A series that is both sweet and sexy.I was really excited for this book because when we meet Scott and Gaby in this great group of friends, they are the ones you question will they have their moment. Their situation is always about bad timing.Friends first, these two have a forever love that begs to find its HEA. BUT a change in Scott's relationship status which alters the place he is in his life has him going for the one woman he has truly loved all along...Gaby. Even though she's in a relationship, Scott decides now is the time to make a move and prove to Gaby how right they are together, how perfect they fit, before it really is too late. A weekend getaway by a lake is a fantastic backdrop for Scott and Gaby to explore what could be between them. It's not with out heartache though. Gaby's is seeing a seriously sexy and sweet man, Brock...and lets just say choosing to give 42 hours to Scott has shit hitting the fan. I will say, the Brock aspect of the story actually had me a little conflicted. The way it is handled is addressed later but I wish it had been as soon as Scott had gone to Gaby with his plan to get to know each other as a couple. Gaby is one of the sweetest, most loving people. So it was a little surprising that any concern over hurting Brock didn't come up sooner...but that didn't sway my love for their story. AND he'll be getting his own book, so I'm one happy reader!This was a nice quick read. Which is one of the things I've grown to love about Bethany's writing. The short chapter keep things flowing flawlessly and the story of these lovable characters keeps you turning the pages. I can't wait for Brock's book and Craig (Cal's brother) & Gwen's (Gaby's Sister). I know it says you can read these as standalone but to get the full experience and back story of the characters, I strongly suggest starting at the beginning with 8 Weeks. Happy reading! less
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This is a great series with a wonderful group of friends.
4.5 stars
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