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A Canterbury Crime (2010)

by Brian Kavanagh(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 3
1906609454 (ISBN13: 9781906609450)
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Belinda Lawrence Murder Mystery
review 1: It was interesting to continue with characters I remember from the first Belinda Lawrence mystery, Capable of Murder, and to notice how well they tell a completely independent story. This one uses the old Canterbury location and history to create a whole new contemporary mystery story. I especially enjoyed the author's ability to give me a sense of time and place in a location where I've never been, and to do it without bogging down in old ground or interrupting the action to describe more than I need to know.
review 2: A Canterbury Crime by the brilliant Author, Brian Kavanagh really caught my attention in this fourth book in the series. Although I had enjoyed the other three, this time the subject, location, and crime interested me right off.There is somethin
... moreg to be said about covers of books as well. You know that this was going to be an unique crime as the cover showed a jigsaw puzzle and it continued on the back cover. So, I figured out there was likely a sub-plot as well as the main crime. Belinda and Hazel and Mark were back up to their usual speed. Each with their own individual styles that ends up working well together. I found Hazel more interesting in this book as we got to know her better and through her eyes a bit.I can easily see this book become a British Mystery Series on Television. Until then, I hope for many more novels. less
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Another enjoyable read. Loved the historic connection
This book is published by Endeavour Press
This was a so so read.
Tag: Mystery
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