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Jessica Lost: A Story Of Birth, Adoption & The Meaning Of Motherhood (2011)

by Bunny Crumpacker(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 1
1402775709 (ISBN13: 9781402775703)
Union Square Press
review 1: Jil Picariello always knew that she was adopted, and when she was in her forties, she found her birth mother, Faith "Bunny" Crumpacker. In this biography, both Jil and Bunny tell their stories. It gives an interesting picture of adoption in the 50's, but the story starts to drag near the end. Also, once Jil meets and befriends her birth mother, her attitude toward her adoptive mother seems to become much more negative.
review 2: I'm adopted, and as a matter of fact, my birthmother sent me this book. I found her about 10 years ago, and we are really close. She told me I would relate to this book. She was wrong. I could NOT get through this book. I couldn't stand how negative the daughter was about her adoptive mother. I thought it was really unfair. And b
... moreesides that it was BORING. I got about half way through and gave up. less
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A compelling memoir about adoption - from the perspective of both the birth mother and the daughter.
Very interesting story from the birth mother's and adopted daughter's viewpoint.
Loved it. What a great personal story of love and hope.
I couldn't put this book down until it was finished.
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