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Like Me: Confessions Of A Heartland Country Singer (2010)

by Chely Wright(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 3
0307378861 (ISBN13: 9780307378866)
review 1: I'm not a great fan of autobiographies. In my experience they tend to jump back and forth between memories and don't follow a structure that I can relate to. This one is only partly an exception. I actually wanted to watch the documentary "Wish Me Away", but couldn't get a hold of it. When I heard of this book I thought it would be the film in writing. Concerning that, I was somewhat disappointed that it ended right when what I was most interested in would have begun: Her video diary, the decision and the journey of her actual coming out and the making of her current record were only hinted at. Literary it's not the best book ever written. What came across really well though was her struggle to accept herself, the way she literally tried to pray the gay away and the toll t... morehe hiding had taken on her. What's left to say is: "Congratulations, Chely, on taking that plunge and coming out!"
review 2: When I take a few moments to think about the best way to describe the book I keep coming back to the word courageous. At first I wanted to talk myself out of the adjective. Much of the book is about her fear, her living a lie, her hiding her true self.But none of that matters in the end. In the end, her decision to live her life openly as a gay woman took amazing courage and that courage, for me, is clearly evident in the pages of her book. Other attributes that come through for me are strength, grace and elegance. I found the book to be moving and inspirational and it's definitely made me a huge fan of Chely Wright as a person. less
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Fantastic book I felt as if part of my life was being played out before me. Powerful, honest book
Not very well written bit I still enjoyed it. Very interesting story. I admire her strength.
Depressing to read that heartland is still so biased against gay people.
Good autobiography. Had some gaps in the time line but a good read.
Her documentary was even more moving...
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