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My Life (2013)

by David Jason(Favorite Author)
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1780891407 (ISBN13: 9781780891408)
review 1: The man is a national treasure, for christ sake. How is one gonna critisize the man's book? Well, I'm not going to. Well, apart from the criticism I have of other books of this genre, in that it always seems like these 'celebs' are given a certain word count to work to and then they are reigned in at a certain point and the last third or quarter always ends up seeming rushed. Asise from that, it was what you imagine. Lovely, cuddly and heartwarming. Full of lovely anecdotes and gossip. Quite generic in parts but what saved this book is the relationship between Jason and Ronnie Barker. Great read, check it out....
review 2: One of the country's most loved actors that has been a familiar face in living rooms across the land. The book is inspirational, humorous an
... mored moving. I wonder, as David Jason does, that the tradition of TV shows that the whole family watch together is in decline. The internet provides what you want, when you want, where you want. As to whether an actor should be awarded a Knighthood, after reading this I have no doubt. Along with talented writers these people can mold a nation and bring laughter to millions. Great book, great actor. less
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Long awaited and a lovely book to read. David Jason comes across as such a genuine man.
better than i thought but also more in deth than anticipated.
An enjoyable read
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