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The Dark Path: A Memoir (2013)

by David Schickler(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
159448645X (ISBN13: 9781594486456)
Riverhead Hardcover
review 1: While I have no doubt after reading this memoir that Schickler felt (and suffered) mightily about his struggle between the priesthood and women (and really, that is the limited choice that he mentions throughout the book), I felt that his writing about it was overwrought, immature, and mind-numbingly dull. (Hey, look, Ma! I'm writing!)Personally, I was put off both by his treatment of women in real life and in the summation of his novels as recorded in this book, and his seeming lack of the perception that he alone is responsible for his belief system - not God, or "Lack of God" (as he still refers to God after his disenchantment with the priesthood but to whom he still annoyingly prays to frequently), or the sexual advance he, as a college student, unwelcomingly receives ... morefrom a campus Jesuit. Dealing with religion, and the faith espoused by any religion, are two very different entities that many of us grapple with throughout our lives; what was missing here was any depth or mature explication of the process.
review 2: Up to a point, this was another wonderful book by the author of "Kissing in Manhattan." Schickler's writing gifts are many, but he has difficulty describing his own present-tense bliss without falling into mush. Had he left out the lived-happily-after section at the end, the book would have been another gem. But this one got polished too much for the good of the whole. Definitely worth the read, but stop before you get to today. less
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I loved every page of this book. Everything I want a memoir to be.
This book was not great. I was glad for the happpy ending.
I loved this book! Read it twice in 4 days. Loved his dad!
I loved this book. Highly recommend!!
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