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This Fine Life (2010)

by Eva Marie Everson(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
080073274X (ISBN13: 9780800732745)
review 1: This book makes me ponder the early years of my parents' marriage. My parents married young. My father was called into the ministry at a young age, after receiving Christ at aged 16. With a passion for spreading the message of Christ, he went out and witnessed to those hungry for spiritual food. They began holding meetings, and soon the congregation grew, and a church was built in the little town of Bulo, Philippines. My parents were poor, but they could honestly say that God was good. This book is about a young woman, Mariette, whose husband, not long after their marriage, felt called to ministry. The story follows their life as they get settled in with a little church in a town in the middle of nowhere. I think about my own mother, moving to the Philippines, where she di... moredn't know the language, marrying my father and supporting him as only a minister's wife could. It's a hard life, but a fine life.
review 2: I absolutely loved and devoured this book. Eva Marie Everson has created characters that will steal your heart. Mariette is asked to be something she knows nothing about. For love's sake, she tries her best, but best isn't always good enough, at least in the eyes of the small town she's trying to win over—Logan's Creek, where everyone knows everything about everybody—or so they think. Mariette's young husband, Thayne, becomes the new pastor of the town and its inhabitants, from the four sisters who are the descendants of the original Logan, who founded the town, to the crusty Minerva and a control freak who signs his paycheck. I just hope Everson continues the series. She sparked my imagination and I want to know the stories of the others within Logan's Creek. Novel Journey and I give This Fine Life a high recommendation. less
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I enjoyed and want to know how it ends....frustrated that I didn't have book two
Mildly entertaining. But dont bother.
This book is utterly gorgeous.
Love this author.
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