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Don't Call Me Inspirational: A Disabled Feminist Talks Back (2013)

by Harilyn Rousso(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 2
1439909369 (ISBN13: 9781439909362)
Temple University Press
review 1: I just met Harilyn herself last night and I loved her stories about her life. I'm disabled like Harilyn and part of the Disability Studies program at UW. I love prose poetry and feminist intersection. Harilyn will make you both laugh and cry about learning to accept her disability. The chapter on her cat is hilarious and I love the story about learning to walk in front of a mirror to please her mom and how she reflects years later. She is a brilliant, funny, artistic person and go see her read her book if you have a chance. I loved her book so much I read it in my bathtub and told both my professor and Harilyn that and Harilyn was thrilled. Great book!
review 2: The title of this book was a very attractive one; a sentiment I strongly share. The author is a writ
... moreer, psychotherapist, artist, disability activist, and oh, yes, has severe cerebral palsy. The book is a series of writings expressing her own thoughts and feelings on disability in general, and on her own. Her story is a study on how one can accomplish much in spite of obstacles, even ones that are set up by oneself! less
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Loved this book. Especially worth reading if you are interested in disability activism
Thought provoking. Real. Intelligent.
Wonderful, unusual, memoir.
362.4092 R867 2013
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