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Johnny Carson (2013)

by Henry Bushkin(Favorite Author)
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0544217624 (ISBN13: 9780544217621)
Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
review 1: Did Carson have a darker, womanizing, bitter side? Probably. Was Henry Buskin, lawyer to Carson, the best friend and at times his only confidant? Probably not. At the end of the day, Buskin was paid by Carson, made wealthy by living off of Carson, and is still trying to gain wealth by writing a book posthumous. If you choose to read this book, try to strip away the glamour of Hollywood and ask yourself if Buskin and Carson would have the same relationship painted in this "biography".
review 2: Other than a documentary film on Netflix I watched somewhere, I didn't know much about Carson except for the fact that I used to watch him when I was really young in the summers with my parents. This book was riveting. Mainly because it is told from the point of view o
... moref Johnny Carson's attorney. As an attorney myself, I racked my brain on the rules of professional responsibility to remember what Bushkin could and could not disclose.*SPOILER ALERT* It turns out, that Bushkin and Carson were bitterly embroiled in litigation at the end of their relationship (which is consistent with the documentary film I saw) which probably revealed most of the content of the book. Having represented celebrities myself, I believe every word of what Bushkin said. I have had to drive at midnight to heli-ports and have B-list celebrities sign contracts on my back. My thought was that the more irrelevant the celebrity, the more ridiculous they wanted to be treated. This book shows me that I am wrong--even A-list celebrities have ridiculous expectations of people.I blew through this book and it gave me an interesting--and because of confidentiality rules regarding the profession--seldom acquired perspective on representing someone like Johnny Carson. The book left me wanting more detailed in-depth treatment of just about every topic Bushkin touched on. less
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I always liked the Johnny Carson (the entertainer). This book puts him in a different light.
As a long time fan of Carson and inside look from one of the people who knew him best.
One of Janet Maslins top ten books of 2013
Surprisingly entertaining.
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