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The Ministry Of Guidance Invites You To Not Stay: An American Family In Iran (2013)

by Hooman Majd(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 5
0385535325 (ISBN13: 9780385535328)
review 1: In some respects, the most interesting part of this book was the title. This book is a rather undramatic diary of his time in Iran with his American wife and young son.However, through that lens he does what he repeatedly tells the reader what he set out to do. Discuss the every-day character of the people of Iran - Tehran in particular - and try to connect this to the country's political character.
review 2: The author, an Iranian American, moves to Iran for one year with his American wife and new baby to get a sense of daily life in Iran. The book conveys some elements what life in Iran is life but ultimately fails to paint a full picture. Still, worth reading if you (like me) could not at all picture what life in contemporary Tehran is like and are curious
... more. My biggest complaints are that the book seems written through the blinders of his perspective. For instance, Majd talks about what his wife appears to feel about Iran but does not include very many of her actual thoughts. That seemed particularly strange. How hard would it be to have asked her instead of hypothesizing? That being said though, I am now very interested in seeing the inside of an Iranian pharmacy. Did not feel that way before starting this book. less
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This was more big picture politics than everyday life but lots of fascinating pieces and anecdotes.
Truly eye-opening but left me wanting more anecdotes about everyday life in Iran!
This just didn't have enough personal story for me.
So awful, I couldn't finish it.
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