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Fall To Grace: A Revolution Of God, Self & Society (2011)

by Jay Bakker(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 4
0446539503 (ISBN13: 9780446539500)
review 1: Another great book about grace...right up there with Philip Yancey's book What's so Amazing About Grace and Brennan Manning's book The Importance of Being Foolish. A bit controversial at times, yet Jay truly makes you think about grace and if grace is real and comes from the God that loves us beyond our wildest imaginations, then grace certainly bigger and greater and more powerful than anything else in heaven or on earth, including our own beliefs and doctrine. Read it and be inspired to live and love with wild abandon. Here is one of my favorite quotes..."With grace comes the freedom to fall short. You can deepen your relationship with God even when you fail - especially when you fail. With grace comes the inspiration to start living out the crazy, impossible teaching... more of Christ: to love God above all else; to love your neighbor as yourself; to love even your enemies."
review 2: Messed up church kid stories always pique my interest, so I picked up this book hoping it would be an interesting read. Jay Bakker's story is immensely sad. I honestly cant blame him too much for where his theological pendulum landed. But... I just dont think I can finish it. Bakkers view of grace cheapens his view of God. It was awesome to be reminded of how awesome God's grace is, but we need to remember that the gospel is the answer to our problems, not grace (which is definitely a large PART of the gospel.) Anyways, I'm going to dive into a Tim Keller book. less
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Jay Bakker is great./His theology is this:/Love people. God does.
It was good. Good autobiographical information.
Loved it!
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