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From Baghdad To America: Life Lessons From A Dog Named Lava (2008)

by Jay Kopelman(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 3
1400138752 (ISBN13: 9781400138753)
Old Saybrook
review 1: Short & to the point. I would think that I would have the same feelings about life in general as the author, if I were a soldier and lived his experiences. Heck, I have a lot of the same feelings already, without the selfless work of a military man. The pettiness and entitlement the average American exudes sicken him as they do me. I cannot imagine the depth of those thoughts if fostered by war.I have not read 'From Baghdad with Love,' but I think I would like to, even out of order, just to learn what this brave man went through to save the dog that, in essence, saved him.
review 2: Always interesting to hear a first hand account of war experiences. A dog (found in a metal drum) during a firefight ends up with PTSD along with his eventual owner. It is the sto
... morery of Lava, the dog and his owner as they try to recover and rejoin life. How Lava got to America is a little unclear, but his arrival helped the war vet find a wife and family and share in his recovery. (Listened to this on audio) less
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I just didn't find it to be as interesting as his first book.
Wonderful story about compantionship and love!
Just met Jay - what a sweetie!
LOVE this guy!
love-a lava!
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