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Run For Your Life (2014)

by Jean Holbrook Mathews(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 5
Covenant Communications
review 1: This was over the top as far as political paranoia. It reminds me of those sensationalist emails my grandmother forwards to everyone on her contact list--you know the emails that appeal to and reinforce her fears that the government is so corrupt we should all hide out in our bunkers. Same kind of feeling in this book. The rhetoric really needed to be toned down. I was disappointed in Covenant Communications for publishing this one.
review 2: This was a good mix of suspense/ mystery with a little romance as a appetizer! I usually go for more of the love story genre, but this book was a good break. Spoiler: Mattie's uncle is the retiring from being a congressman, but there is a little snag. A law student finds a link between ongoing environmental lawsuit and
... morethe nomination for a new judge that would prove an illegal. He wrote a brief that gets him killed. The bad guys go after anyone who has seen the brief leading them to Craig, Mattie's fiancé, who works for Mattie's uncle, max south land. Jack summers is called in on the murder of craig and his feelings of protectiveness grow toward Mattie as they learn more on what and who is involved in the conspiracy. The CIA even have them help in the plot to catch the criminal. less
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Good suspense without being totally over the top.
really liked this book I couldn't put it down!
An intense story with twists and turns.
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