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Atypisch. Leven Met Asperger In 20 1/3 Hoofdstukken (2010)

by Jesse A. Saperstein(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Quite a ridiculous, but enjoyable, personal account of living with Asperger's. While proving that everyone's experiences with Asperger's (now autism) is unique (as while I could relate to some bits, most of the recount is his life and his interpretations), it's still a great read of someone so candid and reflective of their life through the lense of this condition.Two passages that really jumped out at me are recorded here so I remember them for a later reference, but also because they are so poignantly phrased...pg 4: "Neurotypicals have a tendency to confront problems only after they have grown out of hand. Cyberbullying? It wouldn't have taken a carnival clairvoyant to anticipate the problem, but instead it took several well-publicized suicides for lawmakers to finall... morey address what could have been avoided from day one. For all our deficiencies and challenges, people with Asperger's have at least one lesson to teach the population at large: Many problems can be resolved and even avoided altogether by just being a little more honest and direct."pg 23: "Asperger's syndrome is a perpetual weather front. Sometimes severe... sometimes benign... but never, ever inert. The cyclone of weirdness, manic activity, and scramble to beat the clock...."
review 2: Great autobiographical account about what it is like for a young person (from New York State) to confront and attempt to overcome the difficulties of having Asperger's. I liked the very honest and sincere, yet humorous style. His contempt for the advice "just be yourself" resonated with me. Many of us need to better understand others in order to improve our interpersonal relatiohships. Often, "just be yourself" is crappy advice. less
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Honest look into a life of someone with mild Aspergers. I found it very interesting.
Funnier than Robison, but somehow not as good a read...
A fascinating look into the world of Asperger's
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