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The Star Prophecy, A Book Of Mormon Adventure (2010)

by Joan Sowards(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 5
Walnut Springs Press
review 1: When I first started reading The Star Prophecy, I had no idea what it was about. I hadn't read the backliner or looked it up online ... I know, I know - very unusual for me. I generally do some checking and find out what I'm getting into when I agree to do a review. But not this time, for whatever reason. I found myself completely swept away by the premise. What if someone from the New World did try to return to Jerusalem? What obstacles would they face? How would they know where to go? How would they finance their journey, what kind of boat would they need - would it even be possible? Joan Sowards answered all these questions and wove them together masterfully.I'm not an expert on these things, so I can't say if it would or would not be possible to make a trip of t... morehis kind. But this book made it all seem very plausible. I appreciated the research that must have gone into this undertaking, the outlining and planning that went into the timeline and making all the events fit how they needed to in order to coordinate with both the Bible story and the Book of Mormon account. It was truly well done.If I were to point out one thing, I did wish that just a little bit more time had been spent in Jerusalem. I understood the need to condense that visit - they were in danger, and had to flee for their lives - but I wished we could have stayed there for a few more pages. It was the climax, the closure to their year of journeying and strife, and it seemed over far too soon. But really, that's my only gripe about this very intriguing and unique story. While the plotline does revolve around Christ's birth, there's no need to feel as though this is just a Christmas story. It can be read and enjoyed at any time of year, and I very much recommend it to anyone who wants an adventure, a romance, or a historical novel that asks the question, "What if?"
review 2: The Star Prophecy is a tale of faith, love, and adventure that can be read, reread and enjoyed any time of the year. Joan Sowards tells the account of the young Nephite Enoch and his quest to find the newborn Savior as though intimately familiar with the era. She weaves her tale through both the Book of Mormon and the New Testament’s scriptural accounts of Christ’s birth in such a way that, as a reader, I was convinced it could have happened just as she told it. Five Stars for a great read!The Nephites have grown up with the prophecies regarding the Savior’s birth, and Enoch has always dreamed of returning to Jerusalem to see the baby Jesus in person. Although the odds against his actually making the trek there and back alive are overwhelming, he begins his preparations. Once he and his comrades set sail, Enoch’s little brother nearly drowns while trying to swim to the ship so that he can go with them. Then, they discover a young man accused of murder has stowed away in order to avoid prosecution. The Star Prophecy comes to life with interesting details such as customs of the time, the foods they ate, and their experiences aboard the ship. As the travelers come to various islands and then to the land of Jerusalem, they and the people are described in such a way that I felt as though I was standing nearby and watching the story unfold. Enoch’s quest became my quest and I felt his disappointment when they arrived in Jerusalem only to discover that no one knew of Christ’s birth.Through perseverance and talking to those who are lowly of heart, they discover that the Savior has indeed been born, and is in Bethlehem. They wonder, as does their shepherd-guide, why baby Jesus was allowed to be born in such humble circumstances and not a kingly palace, and they are filled with awe and reverence when Mary allows them to hold her Holy child.The Star Prophecy by Joan Sowards is written as an adventure by a young man who just happens to have lived anciently. It isn’t preachy, or doctrinal, yet I found that reading it was a profound experience. less
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I truly enjoyed this book,inspiring adventure.I would recommend this to anyone.
A really fun adventure story. Very well written.
3 1/2 stars. Great story and adventure.
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