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Erasing Faith (2014)

by Julie Johnson(Favorite Author)
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Julie Johnson
review 1: I'm one of the lucky ones who received the Erasing Faith ARC from Julie Johnson, and there is a reason why I just ADORE her! If you are like me you have probably read a TON of books that follow a certain formula. After awhile you get bored and hope, cross your fingers, search, download sample after sample hoping something good will come a long. And yes!! Hallelujah! I'm recovering from my book withdrawals, thanks to Julie! Let me just say, I first fell in love with Julie's writing style in Like Gravity (which is still my favorite of hers, if you haven't read it, GET IT!). She has an uncanny way of pulling you into the stories she is telling. Her description of the characters, the scenes, emotions are so well written that you are immediately invested into the characters. Er... moreasing Faith takes place mainly in Hungary which I have never been and after reading this book I want to go! We meet Faith/Fae first in Say the Word if you haven't read that it's ok you don't need to read it first, BUT you should read it because that's another "good read" ;) I'm not going to talk what the book is about because you just have to read it for yourself, I promise it's an enjoyable read. I'm not into "spoiling" So what I will say is...If you are looking for a book that takes you on an adventure, suspense (makes you think) has some crazy, off the charts chemistry between the main characters (you feel like your heart may explode) humor (I literally laughed out loud and couldn't stop laughing in parts of the book, it was a good thing), possibly take away some really good life lessons (which in this book is overcoming fears), AND love to read from two POV's (which I LOVED!) then READ ERASING FAITH!! I promise, you won't be disappointed!!
review 2: Wooow.Simplesmente wow!!Tô passada. Esse livro é incrível!! A autora está de parabéns, pois conseguiu criar uma história linda, com personagens muito bem construídos e uma narrativa de tirar o fôlego. Teve humor, romance, ação, aventura, mistério, suspense e muita, muita, muita emoção.Eu não vou fazer uma sinopse muito detalhada porque esse livro é gostoso de ler sem saber nada. Só curtir a leitura sem nenhum spoiler. O que eu posso dizer é que a história é dividida em duas partes. A vida de Faith quando ela está conhecendo Wes. E depois, a vida de Faith depois do furacão Wes. A primeira parte da história se passa em Budapeste. E é lindo!! Pra quem já esteve lá será sensacional relembrar todos os detalhes tanto de Buda quanto de Peste. E a saudade vai bater forte. Pra quem nunca esteve, a vontade de conhecer a Hungria vai crescer e a experiência do livro será ótima. A segunda parte se passa nos EUA e é a vida de Faith pós a persona Faith. Ela apaga o que ela já foi e cria Fae, uma pessoa totalmente diferente do que ela era e sem nenhum contato com o seu passado.Livro que vale muito a pena ler. A conexão entre os personagens principais é absurda. Uma história de amor, superação e perdão. Recomendo muito. less
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3.5 stars. Storyline was pretty typical. Writing style was great.
Just 4. Slower first half, much better second half.
I Loved this BooK! Amazing!
Loved it!
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