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Adventures With Ari: A Puppy, A Leash & Our Year Outdoors (2009)

by Kathryn Miles(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
1602396388 (ISBN13: 9781602396388)
Skyhorse Publishing
review 1: Adventures with Ari was just a delightful novel and I loved watching Kate become a ‘dog person’. I read one review on this site that the reader was annoyed that the author went on ‘tangents’. To that reader, I must say that they missed the entire point of the novel. Ms. Miles did not go on ‘tangents’, she, like Ari, smelled something interesting and followed her nose to the information. Information that varied from the process of decomposition, feral statistics of domestic pets, and even the ‘umble’ pie.A very good book and I look forward to reading her other work, All Standing.
review 2: This book is very informative about nature and seeing it through a dog's eyes. It is a documentary of adventures of Kathryn Miles and her half Husky, half
... more Jindo dog, Ari, for a year while living in Maine. The author not only shares about her dog but also gives a lot of information about the things they discover together in nature and how she learned to enjoy the moment from Ari. She also had a cat that died which was very sad and brought back memories of when our cat died, but balanced out the sadness with bringing in two feral kittens. That was my favorite part of the book. Ari is a "caninaturalist" that is quite lovable. This is like reading a fun science book, there are so many interesting facts about things I never even thought about before such as a dead animal goes through stages of decay and there is a protocol among animals as to when their turn comes to dive in on the carcass. Ari wasn't interested in fresh dead things, but he liked rubbing dead decaying things on his fur. As the author and her dog walked through the woods together, she would notice his behavior and then research about it and found lots of fascinating things. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys nature, science, and pets. I've never read anything like it before! less
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I miss having a dog. Like almost as much as Jon Katz' books and Marley and Me.
FANTASTIC book. Please see me review on Amazon.
I wanted it to be more interesting.
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