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To Be A Friend Is Fatal: The Fight To Save The Iraqis America Left Behind (2013)

by Kirk W. Johnson(Favorite Author)
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1476710503 (ISBN13: 9781476710501)
review 1: I heard the author on the radio and what he was talking about stoped me on my track. Then I got his book and did understood what he was talking about. This book is one of those books, after reading the last page, will leave you staring at the last page for a long time, thinking and asking "why?".I enjoyed it very much...a great read!it's such a thoughtful, witty, at times cynical and above all honest account of a Consciences man trying to right what his country men broke, for no good enough reason (other than greed adn of course personal gain.)
review 2: Scary and anger-inducing. It was eye-opening to me to learn how the US government uses local people as interpreters and other types of workers during a war zone and then almost completely abandons those people
... more when they leave. Quite frankly, it is despicable. Apparently, other governments operating in these war zones will sweep up those folks and help them move to their respective countries. Not so, in the USA. I also found it a bit shocking to see how the executive agencies simply ignore the political intentions of Congress. I suppose I shouldn't have found it so. Sadly, what I didn't find shocking is how faceless, useless, ridiculous and sometimes illiterate the bureaucracy within the INS can be. less
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A good, solid memoir that often reads a bit like fiction with its descriptive writing.
Incredibly powerful. Amazing and inspiring man. Best book I've read.
upsetting at times and frustrating at times.
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