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Leslie Patricelli

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Higher! Higher! (2009)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Great book! It is so simple and easy to read! A wonderful way for children to learn a new word and an ever better way to get them to understand what the word means. I love the illustrations and how they play to the meaning of the word, "higher." What I like even better is how it ...
Potty (2010)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: I think this book is FUNNY. When I choose this book from the shelf, I love to look at the page where the little kid says, "Bye, bye diaper." I ask my Mama and Papa, "Why does he say, 'bye-bye' to his diaper?" Then I start to laugh and laugh. I also like to sit with this book when...
Higher! Higher! ¡Más alto! ¡Más alto! (2011)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: I picked this book up because of the colorful illistrations on the front page. "Higher! Higher!" is a wordless book about a girl who wants to swing on the swing with her dad pushing her and she wants to go higher and higher! through out the book, she goes higher and higher until...
Faster! Faster!/Mas Rapido!  Mas Rapido! (2013)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: A little girl climbs on Daddy's back for a ride. She keeps crying faster as she progress from a dog to a bunny, an emu, a horse, a bird, a dolphin and finally a turtle. The turtle doesn't seem to go fast at all. Finally, the turtle turns back into Daddy and he is worn out from t...
Faster! Faster! (2012)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I know it's an act of rebellion to give 5 stars to a book that uses just a dozen words, but I just could not believe how cleanly this book distilled one aspect of the parent/child relationship down to a simple concept. It is done with the simplest illustrations, featuring big ov...
Be Quiet, Mike! (2011)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Sometimes you go to the library without any luck. This last time we came home with some good treasures, and this was one of them.What I particularly like about this book is that Mike sees something he wants, or rather "needs" in the store but he know he can't buy it. So, he goe...
Tubby (2010)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Leslie Patricelli is extremely well-known for her Baby board book series and this recent addition is one that will be accepted with open arms from old and new fans alike. Centered around the ever popular Baby, the story features that favorite (and least favorite for some) time of...
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