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Here All Along (2009)

by Lori Osterman(Favorite Author)
4.52 of 5 Votes: 3
1617520012 (ISBN13: 9781617520013)
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review 1: Here All Along is a memoir with a message: The importance of self-love. I read this book in one night. Lori has an uncanny way of bringing you into her mind and her world. With each turn of the page I could not wait to read what would happen next.This is a must read for any woman. Lori painfully deals with not one, but two failed marriages and the aftermath of a bitter divorce. These marriages, and the court battles Lori endured became her biggest catalyst for her discover what was within her all along: her inner strength and self-love.
review 2: Recounting a true tale of survival is often difficult because life does not provide a clear story arc. Instead, it is filled with unexpected turns, and often one battle is followed by another. Yet, these stories of con
... moretinuous battles are rarely told because they are rarely given a voice. After recounting her harrowing, true tale of leaving not one but two abusive relationships, the reader gets an up-close look at what happens in the aftermath of abusive marriages. It is here, after the physical abuse, that Newman's fighting spirit becomes truly inspiring. The untold, under-realized narrative that recounts not only the hardship of abuse, but the lengthy aftermath an abused woman went through to reclaim her life is both educational and emotionally powerful. This is a must-read for all women; it's a tale told by a strong female narrator, who throws strong blows with tight prose and empowers not only herself but her readers. less
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Picked up from a Goodreads ad. Looks interesting!
An inspiration...a must read!
Loved this short book....
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