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The Venetian Contract (2012)

by Marina Fiorato(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 5
1848545657 (ISBN13: 9781848545656)
John Murray
review 1: This novel takes place in 15th century Venice, though there are many Turkish influences to the story, so its history is also included in this tale since the main character was raised in Constantinople. The book is obviously well-researched with rich settings and details of daily life bringing the characters and time period to life. The pacing moves a bit slowly, and ultimately, the plot holds few surprises. But, despite it feeling like a familiar tale, it is an entertaining read and one where Venice herself feels like a main character. The descriptions of the outbreak of the Black Death and the common medical practices of the time will have today’s readers thankful for the advances in the medical field, that’s for sure! But, these sections are downright fascinating and... more Fiorato balances her research well with excitement. The religious elements add to the richness of the story, and may take some readers by surprise. It’s an interesting and fun read, all in all.
review 2: I received this book for free through Goodreads Firstreads. I loved this book so much so that I want to read it again. It was moving. The story is written around events that actually occurred with some characters being people who actually existed, it was an incredible read. I felt like I was a part of that world on the front lines fighting the Black Death with them. It brings to life the struggles that people faced during the times of the Plague and the triumphs as well. Sometimes when we think of the history of the Plague and other events and tragedies that people have faced, we don't always think of the stories of the people who lived that history. People still lived and loved and worked hard to feed their families. I was touched by this story and hope that everyone who reads it will enjoy it as I did. less
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Not my favorite of hers. I loved her first one, but I have been disappointed in her last two.
The book starts off slow but once you get past the first hundred pages it is outstanding.
Pros: neat setting, interesting characters. Cons: long, drawn out storyline.
A bit unbelievable, but interesting tidbits about Venice.
Amazingly historically correct. I loved it!
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