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Swing Your Sword: Leading The Charge In Football And Life (2011)

by Mike Leach(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 5
0983337195 (ISBN13: 9780983337195)
Diversion Publishing
review 1: Mike Leach is nothing if he's not an innovative, unconventional coach, as well as an interesting person, and all of that comes through well in this book. Many of his uncommon approaches to coaching and the game of football are noted, and although they've given him at least moderate success, his teams' performances have never been on par with the great college football programs of the modern era, however. What separates this book from those of many other coaches are the final chapters, address his controversial firing as the Texas Tech football coach. He makes a very good, believable case for his position in the controversy, and the treachery of some Tech administrators and former college player and t.v. commentator Craig James. For any football fan, this book, even if it ... moreis overly simplistic at times, is worth reading.
review 2: This is such an interesting book. The combination of coaching philosophies, being a coach and being passionate about going for what you truly love. Mike Leach is a man with excellent morals and ethics and just a good fair man. Regardless of the fact that I am a WSU Alumni and Coach Leach is in his 2nd year of coaching Cougar football, I would still think this an excellent read and story. I am a huge fan of Mike and his wife Sharon. less
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Just got this signed by Mike Leach tonight. Cannot wait to start reading it!
Solid read for teachers and coaches.
wasn't my cup of tea at all
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