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A Fifty-Year Silence: Love, War, And A Ruined House In France (2000)

by Miranda Richmond Mouillot(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
0804140642 (ISBN13: 9780804140645)
review 1: This is a truly compelling and hard to put down book. The way the author weaves the narrative into her own life so that the reader discovers the story of her grandparents in the same way she did is fascinating. It is also interesting how there are no hard answers in this story, while the author believes she has uncovered the reason for her grandparents divorce there is no confirmation from her grandparents who are both too old to comment on the story by the time of it's completion. This offers fascinating insight into the way we remember history and turn the facts of pieced together stories into a narrative so that we can fit it into the context of our own lives as the author did with her grandparents love story.
review 2: This is a wonderful story with excelle
... morent, interesting writing style. It could be a best seller, prize winning book, except... It is so poorly organized that it's difficult to follow. I get that it unfolds as the writer discovers the information, yet it even jumps back and forth with that. The writer is researching her grandparents relationship as they flee from the Nazis through France and end in Switzerland. The grandmother is a psychiatrist and the grandfather was an interpreter during the Nuremberg trials. There are mental health issues with the grandfather that are never fleshed out. A lot of miracles enable the relationship to happen while many get in the way of the relationship. Definitely, this book is an interesting read but could have been much more. Thanks to NetGalley for this advanced readers version. less
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Received this book as an ARC and will review it once I've finished it.
received as an ARC and will read& review when it arrives!
This is one of my favorite series!
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