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Cowboy And Wills (2009)

by Monica Holloway(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 4
First Simon Spotlight Entertainment
review 1: I found this was a truely beautiful book. I don't think I have ever been so moved by a book before. Having worked with autistic children and young people I found the book very informative and insightful. It was fantastic to see the progress from toddler to child and it was incredibly heartwarming to see how an animal can have a hugely successful impact on person. I would strongly advise reading this book with a box of tissues handy!
review 2: I read this book in about 24 hours. Although it was 275 pages, it was a very fast 275 pages. I really enjoyed it, but not enough to recommend to other people. It hit home with me because Cowboy looks so much like Chipper and they both died at a young age (Cowboy didn't even make it to 3, so she was quite a bit younger than
... more Chipper). Research shows how therapeutic pets can be, but this story put that on a personal level. Wills' autism improved dramatically knowing he had a buddy in Cowboy and that he was partly responsible for keeping her happy and healthy.I loved how patient the author (mom) was with Wills. I'm sure it took an inordinate amount of energy and even though she was honest about getting frustrated, I just got the sense that she is an extremely loving and caring person. The book had some dull parts, but in the end I felt very touched. less
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this is an awesome book for anybody who loves dogs or has autistic kids. wonderful book
Terrific read! A wonderful, heartfelt story!
Loved this book!
3 in ILL
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