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Face The Music: A Life Exposed (2014)

by Paul Stanley(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 5
0062114069 (ISBN13: 9780062114068)
review 1: First let me say, it was extremely bizarre to read rock bio by someone who is not addicted to drugs or alcohol… That threw me for a loop! It's a good story although he does go a little "poor woe is me" a few too many times. But I do feel his frustration having that kind of passion and yet being stuck with a bunch of losers. And I always thought Gene Simmons was a cocky prick...not a cool genius. According to Paul Stanley, I was right. A good read… And about halfway through to the end are real page turner because you definitely want to find out how it all turned out.
review 2: KISS was never about music, so you can go ahead and hate them. However, it's a bit like hating Star Wars. KISS was part of the culture. Deal ... Paul's book reads like all the be
... morest things he wants you to know. His arrogance is there and his dislike for former band members (Peter most of all.) I will say, he does have some funny Spinal Tap anecdotes, especially in the hair band era (the video for "Let's Put the X in Sex," was "a whole new level of bad taste and judgment." I had to find the quote somewhere ...)Most of his views and his "exploits" do ring true with other accounts. His womanizing was on a one at a time basis (mostly) and the fact that he, not Gene, is the leader of the band. His ear issues and distant family life paint a picture of a lonely but driven person who, once fame started to cut him off, distanced himself from almost everyone. The band was his life. It was actually a pretty uplifting book in the end. less
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The Best KISS book ever about KISS and Paul Stanley. Deserves a permanent spot on your bookshelf.
Fantastic!! Well written, witty and very revealing!!
You asked for the best. You got the best!
Readable but a bit too sanitized.
Surprisingly Good!
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