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Lilly Watches TV. / 2018-01-23 I always wondered why my humans watched the big screen with all these different colors (some I can’t see) and objects moving so quickly.  I find myself also stopping to watch every so ofte...   More
Movie of the Month: Hearts of Fire (1987) swampflix / 2017-10-31 Every month one of us makes the rest of the crew watch a movie they’ve never seen before & we discuss it afterwards. This month Britnee made Brandon & Boom...   More
Swampflix Movie of the Month: Hearts of Fire (1987) / 2017-11-01 The post from which this was excerpted was originally published on as part of that site’s “Movie of the Month” feature, in which one contributor makes the rest of the crew watch a ...   More
Bob Dylan’s Indifference towards Hearts of Fire (1987), The Press, and Life in General swampflix / 2017-11-14 The only reason to ever dig up our current Movie of the Month, the 1987 rock n’ roll melodrama Hearts of Fire, from its VHS format burial ground is to gawk at how baffling Bob Dylan’s presence ...   More
Episode #44 of The Swampflix Podcast: Timmy “Sexy Sax Man” Cappello & Ladies and ... swampflix / 2017-11-29 Welcome to Episode #44 of The Swampflix Podcast! For our forty-fourth episode, we exhume some forgotten rock n’ roll oddities from their VH1-era burial ground. Brandon and Britnee celebra...   More
Billions – “Pretend we’re having an argument” jacksmithvideo / 2018-01-15 Billions – “Pretend we’re having an argument” Blog ► http://jacksmithvideo.blogspot.comTwitter ► ►   More
Let’s pretend it’s asleep Called to Write - NC Trees Photography / 2018-01-17   Slowly he smiled as he saw her silhouette across the smoke covered room. She appeared to be drinking a cup of hot steaming coffee. Just yesterday, they met at the white house. You know, t...   More
Spotlight on Anna Dowdall Joanne Guidoccio / 2017-08-30 I’m happy to welcome Wild Rose Press author Anna Dowdall. Today, Anna shares her writing journey and debut novel, After the Winter. Here’s Anna! I love twentieth century romantic ...   More
Ashtar ~ All Now Is in The Process of Completion ~ Jan. 19, 2018 cindyloucbp / 2018-01-19 Ashtar ~ All Now Is in The Process of Completion By James McConnell I AM Ashtar! I come to be with you at this time, in this moment, to bring you certain news. News that is forthcoming acro...   More
Pigneto Street Art henrycarey / 2017-03-11 A wonderful off-the-beaten-path neighborhood of Rome. This is not graffiti.  These are not taggers. It is organized and, surprise to me,  adds to the community, which is home to a spectrum o...   More