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Sealed Correspondence (2011)

by Richard Rudomanski(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 2
1466411597 (ISBN13: 9781466411593)
review 1: Despised shipping tycoon, Enrico Brosconni, is a mogul with an obsession, exceptionally rare antiques. Christina Sheppard is a world renowned dealer out of Manhattan. Her photographic memory is as legendary as her ability to unlock the cleverly crafted compartments of the world’s greatest works. And famed historian, Randolph Hancock, is about to make an incredulous claim: there are secret documents hidden inside the centuries old desk. What all three have in common is a priceless antique, and the fact, that, their lives are about to change—forever! Sealed Correspondence: a centuries old secret that could plunge an already disgruntled nation into chaos.TERRIBLE COPY-EDITING.
review 2: Granted, I got this under the "free" list on my kindle, but still... This
... morebook was so much longer than it needed to be, and heavy editing hand would have done it wonders. The main characters were hard to care about, and the big plot twist in the mystery was so out of the blue that is was less of a plot "twist" and more of a "he just pulled that out of nowhere" angle that didn't make sense or match up with the story arc previously presented. Can't recommend this one. less
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excellent - multiple plot lines, historical references
Pretty good, although felt it left some loose ends.
A fast paced light read.
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