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A Nation Worth Ranting About (2012)

by Rick Mercer(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
0385676808 (ISBN13: 9780385676809)
Doubleday Canada
review 1: Rants that one comes to expect from Rick Mercer are just as punchy and funny, but definitely do feel less impactful out of context and out of the current time frame. The new material / essay length pieces are what really make the book shine. Powerful, thoughtful, and revealing - they show the part of Rick's personality and charm that doesn't come through just from the rants. I also love the direction he's decided to take his show, as he states in his introduction, he wants to celebrate wonderful Canadians. Getting to make fun of politicians seems to be the icing on the cake.If possible, this makes me think Rick is even cooler and a greater Canadian than before.
review 2: Would give 3.5 stars - if Goodreads allowed. While I enjoyed this book, I found that it
... morewas too much like reading a talk show transcript -- and I'd prefer to see the actual performance. I was motivated to read this primarily because of a recent vacation to Canada, where Rick Mercer's show is going into its 11th year on the CBC. I couldn't help but see him as the Canadian counterpart to Jon Stewart in the US, so I was curious to see what he had to say here. His humorous, satirical viewpoint and devotion to political dialogue both come thru loud and clear here as well as his deep affection for Canadians of all stripes, well, except not so much PM Stephen Harper and his Conservative stalwarts. This was a quick read, well-suited to reading on a summer vacation. I also enjoyed learning some interesting facts about Canada's political system and history. Was surprised to learn how divisive and vitriolic their current political landscape is. less
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I like this show but the book didn't interest me as much as I hoped it would.
Is it any surprise I really liked this book? My hero.
I loved this book, as amusing as his rants on TV
Good stuff! Astute and funny!
Great rants.
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