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Die Hebamme Und Das Rätsel Von York (2014)

by Sam Thomas(Favorite Author)
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3404167856 (ISBN13: 9783404167852)
Midwife Mysteries
review 1: I normally read crime fiction and stay clear of historical novels, but in this instance I am so pleased I read this book I thoroughly enjoyed it, not just because it is a well written but it keeps you guessing, (I had no idea of the who the murder was) but also because you really get a feel for the place, York and time, English Civil War, It also gives you sense of what male attitudes were towards women and property. But most of all the use of the language of the time period such the original meaning of the word “gossip”, Good not recommend this book more highly
review 2: A wealthy, widowed midwife in 1644 in York, England is trying to prove the innocence of a friend who is accused of poisoning her husband. This book provides lots of insight into the
... moreposition of and the techniques used by midwives at this time. I was surprised that they actually were somewhat honored and did a lit more than deliver babies. The heroine, however, clearly believes in the mores of her time however much these values make us 20th century women wince! less
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Great mystery,wonderful heroine,interesting time period!
Great book the author is a new favourite.
Fun read.
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