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Not Dead And Not For Sale (2011)

by Scott Weiland(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 1
1439199973 (ISBN13: 9781439199978)
review 1: I know and love several STP songs, but never knew of Scott Weiland's story, until this book. It reminded me of a cat that gets close enough for you to touch it or close enough to make you want to touch it and then moves away. It's not an easy read in the sense that it appears to be a shallow story. Often starting a story, never completing it or relaying the point, and then jumping to another topic. Reading it from an artist stance, it appears he is writing it as a poet. The point isn't to going into detail, but to leave its mark and move on for your own interpretation. Or he's just really A.D.D and his publishers doesn't care what it says as long as it's completed and sold. Nonetheless, I didn't like it. I'm not into this type of story telling.
review 2: I foun
... mored this book in a bargain bin for $2. I feel like it was about $1.99 overpriced. I'm a huge Scott and STP fan so I was really bummed at how disappointing it was. The book is dull and full of words with no substance. The man has lived such a haunting life that there had to be better material than what you find in this. Save yourself the time and money and look Scott or STP up on Google or Wikipedia. You can learn a lot more and probably walk away feeling a million times more fulfilled. less
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Love STP but this book falls short. Weiland's ex wife's book, "Fall To Pieces" is far better.
He glossed over waaayyyy too much. Wanted more. Liked his ex wifes bio much much better.
loved the art and the story...but he left out all the juicy tidbits.
Pretty decent, not as juicy as I'd hoped.
it was okay.
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