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Ieri, Oggi, Domani: La Mia Vita (2014)

by Sophia Loren(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 5
8817075752 (ISBN13: 9788817075756)
review 1: this is a pretty good memoir. Sophia Loren shares snippets or memories from her life. She calls them "treasure troves". I actually read a book from the late 1970s that she cooperated on. I am glad she decided to fill us in with some more memories. She does start from the beginning of her life. Her mother had her "out of wedlock" which in 1934 could be a very difficult time.{ her mother did get the father who had no interest in being a dad to Sophia his last name} She shares memories of her mother sister Maria and her trying to survive World War 2. Being in Italy she witnessed a hot of the horrors of war. Eventually as a teen she won a beauty contest thus slowly starting her career as an actress. Ms. Loren gives an honest memoir of her life. the good and the bad. she sha... moreres her movie experiences including winning an Oscar for the Italian movie "Two Women" This is a good memoir. If you are a fan of Sophia Loren or like to read memoirs this one is a decent one to try out.
review 2: The Italian side of my family has always admired Sophia Loren in that appreciative, hand-waving, excitable sort of way. Her figure, her face, her voice, all of it rings true to the Italian spirit. It's hard not to admire a woman that beautiful who not only eats, but is thrillingly smart and witty. Sure, she banked on her good looks and scored a fantastic producer husband (which aided her greatly in her career). But she didn't make dozens of movies because she wasn't talented. A childhood with a plethora of problems (absent dad and WW2 on top of it) certainly helped set the stage for this go-getter. Her greatest asset was her unusual beauty and she (with her mother's help) knew it was the best way for her to make some money. I had recently finished reading a rather tired biography of Marilyn Monroe when I picked up this book. I was much happier reading about Sophia Loren--it was hard not to compare the two. Both attractive and full figured, Loren clearly had the wiser head on her shoulders compared to the simpering and fragile Marilyn. My favorite story? The one where Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn sit down for lunch. They both eat an appetizer (I think it was some wilty little salad) and Hepburn declares herself sooooo full. Lunch is over...Sophia is amazed. She returns home and makes herself a sandwich. less
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Mi actriz favorita escribió su autobiografía!La amo, la amo, la amo!
I've loved her since forever, so the rating shouldn't be a surprise.
Very well written. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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