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When The Dust Settled (2011)

by Tamara Littrell(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I loved reading this book. The author Tammi tells the true story of growing up in a very disfunctional family with her alcoholic father, her long suffering mother, and her younger sister. Her Dad has a hard time retaining employment and is continually moving the family to new locations and a variety of run down shacks in search of an elusive good life. I was amazed at her mother's sense of optimism as she would strive to make even the most humble trailer house into something that was at least trying to be a home to her children. Her mother's early death was truly heart wrenching, and the three remaining family members, the sisters now adults, then embark on a 1800 mile journey to revisit the various locations they lived in over the years, bringing back memories for all of ... morethem that were as different as they themselves were. The memories were sometimes sad, sometimes very funny, and many times difficult for all of them. I have a feeling they were cathartic as well. All the players in this story were flawed, the author included, but I came away with a sense of respect they held for each other despite these flaws. I thank the author who sent me this book as part of the Goodreads giveaways, and I highly recommend this book. Well done.
review 2: Better than therapy! Ya ever think your life is so messed up and ya hate your parents and blame God and life is not fair and then ya wake up? Tammi has run the gamut of emotions in this tell-all book about her life. I am sorry, I did not cry - but I laughed my ass off. Tammi deals with an asshole father that has the audacity of trying and yet flawed character that recluses to a bottle but she loves him. What I love most is how brutally honest and frank Tammi is about the flaws (hers, her children, her sister, pretty much everyone she comes into contact with) and yet the incredible love she has for all around her. She is as direct and blunt as a freight train runnin full speed but her all encompassing love and understanding for family knocked this reader on his ass!You can read it as a story, read it as an expiation or just one woman's quest to understand herself which is a helluva lot more entertaining than therapy! less
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Hope to win then read this book! The cover drawn me to enter to contest. Excellent choice
Everyone should read this book. I had a box of tissue handy! Could NOT put it down
This was a great read. I read it in about two days because I couldn't put it down.
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