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Porten Til Helvede (2014)

by Tara Hudson(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I absolutely loved this book although it is bitter sweet. I don't want to give anything away and I may be alone in this but I did not see the end coming.This book had a much faster pace and about 1/4 of the way through I could not put it down. I had to know what was going to happen.I loved that you were able to see the growth of the characters throughout this series. "Amelia" went from sleepy to tiger, "Joshua" went from easy going to passionate (in more ways than one) and "Jillian" went from egotistical to compassionate and fierce.I am sad that this journey is over especially the way it's over but still it is a fantastic love story.
review 2: Ok. So here's what I think.....WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ENDING WAS THAT!?!?!(warning! Spoiler alert!!) Amelia dies with
... more Eli, gaby, Serena, and her mom and then goes to heaven ( or so we think cuz she never told the flippin ending!!!) and then leaves Joshua her one and only true love on his own in the living world. I mean seriously! Could it get any worse! She should have told us the stupid ending!!! and THEN made the epilogue about the end when Joshua dies (finally!) and sees Amelia again! I was expecting something like "Amelia defeats the darkness and lives with Joshua happily ever after! Joy to the world because the netherworld and it's creeps are dead!" I like unpredictable endings, just not like this. This book seriously dissapointed me. Then again I could see from the last chapters that she wasn't exacly going anywhere with her plans, so I didnt exactly know what was going to happen. But the ending was disasterous. Why after all Amelia and joshua went through would she just go to heaven ( or I thought she did) and leave Joshua and his amazing midnight blue eyes all alone in the living world with nothing but that stupid incident from high bridge with the flowers and yada yada yada. Along with the hope that she's waiting for him when he dies...I wanted to put the freakin book through the shredder! (but I couldn't since it was a library book...but I would have done it otherwise!!) It ruined my mood the whole day! It was so good in the beginning especially when amelia got the ability to touch Joshua again and with all the romance I'm like, " this is totally going somewhere! They're going to rescue gaby and company and still get out alive!" but nooooooo! It just had to be like that! Appearantly Tara Hudson LOVES crushing spirits!!! I guess I just had my expectations too high for her to reach, and its okay as long as she learns from her mistakes (horrible ones too!) in time she will become a better writer. I just had my expectations too high for her. But besides the ending it was a good book, so I'm going to give it a 3. less
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Got a bit bored during the book but told myself I have to read it.
Such a beautiful and sad ending to an amazing series!!!
Interestingly cute! I love reading this!
HOlY CRAPP!! Best book by Tara ever
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