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Gather At The Table: The Healing Journey Of A Daughter Of Slavery And A Son Of The Slave Trade (2012)

by Thomas Norman DeWolf(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 2
0807014419 (ISBN13: 9780807014417)
Beacon Press
review 1: I won this book in the Goodreads giveaway. Last night I watched a talk show and one of the guests was a black male. He said “In the early sixties, a black person wouldn't complain to a white person about the Jim Crow law. He could get lynched!” I thought to myself, “that's what Sharon is talking about.” Sharon's history is giving me new eyes. I never considered myself prejudiced and have always been interested in stories about the great tragedy of slavery. That's why I entered to win this book. It has taught me more than I ever dreamed it would. I thank Sharon and Tom for making this journey, even though it started out as very difficult for both of them. But as they learned, so did I. As a side note, I also learned that if I was ever given the choice, I ... morewould choose to eat at Sharon's table. She's a great cook and has good taste in food. Tom's choices were not as appealing to me. But then of course it's all a matter of individual taste. After reading this book, I know Sharon and Tom will continue to teach and the world will continue to learn. Keep up the good work!
review 2: I won't say I agree with everything they said but I do absolutely agree with their idea that to truly go on from something tragic those affected by it need to talk about it and feel the emotions and then they can move through them. I find it ironic that the woman is a black NRA gun toting liberal, it was nice to see acknowledgement that Planned Parenthood is founded on genocide of black people. The authors are a bit myopic in that they think only black people have suffered in this country or that suffering has only occurred on basis of race, I'd like to send them a copy of Mask of Benevolence. But all in all there is a lot of good here and I can see it leading me on a rabbit trail of books to read. I think their victim/agressor circle is spot on, so often I have seen this played out, not just in race issues but in church issues and in personal issues as well. If you have any interest at all in race in America and how it's still playing out to this day this is a good read, a fast read and kudos to the authors for deciding that they were tired of being stuck where they were. less
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provocative....explored topics I hadn't given much thought too...impactful read
Heard the authors on PBS. Sounded interesting.
Did not finish. It was boring.
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