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A Pearl In The Storm: How I Found My Heart In The Middle Of The Ocean (2009)

by Tori Murden McClure(Favorite Author)
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0061718866 (ISBN13: 9780061718861)
Collins Publishers
review 1: I'm on a roll with great books right now. When I read the book "Wild", I was taken aback by the lack of preparation by the main character. The author of this book took you into her early childhood, high school and college years to help you understand her desire to push limits and she was always prepared or at least as prepared as one can be when setting off to cross the Atlantic in a wooden rowboat with a small cabin and limits on supplies because of their weight. I devoured this book in one 24-hour period and couldn't wait to talk about it with my daughter who had loaned me the book.
review 2: Not sure just where I was in 1998 and 1999 when the events in this book took place. My usually good memory draws an absolute blank about the incredible adventure und
... moreertaken by the author in 1998 and the culminating achievement in 1999, noted worldwide, but somehow never got to my own personal corner of the world. It is a good thing to browse through the library's available e-books to find a good story to fill in my memory gaps. This book is not only a good story, it is a true story, though it was an unimaginably painful and perilous true story, at times. Tori Murden McClure was the first woman to row a boat alone across an ocean, succeeding on her second try in 1999, despite having experienced encounters with hurricanes in her first attempt in 1998. She is a forthright and honest story teller interspersing her ocean adventures with her prior growing up life, and you see where she came from, what motivated her and how she developed her incredible physical and mental toughness. Perhaps, more than anything, it is that toughness that characterizes her throughout her adventure and what you as a reader come to admire most. That is why you should read this book even if you do remember hearing about the first woman to row across the Atlantic. Tori Murden McClure is truly one of a kind. less
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I struggled with the author's tone but, ultimately, respect and enjoyed her primary messages.
This was so AMAZING! I have a lot to say about this one :)
One of my top favs for nonfiction!
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