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A Királykisasszony, Akinek Nem Volt Birodalma (2009)

by Ursula Jones(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 4
Manó Könyvek
review 1: Well, this was an absolutely charming alternate princess story. Our princess is a wanderer, a peddler if you will -- but everyone can see how beautiful and charming she is. However, she doesn't want to have anything to do with the silliness of court life, so she goes on her way until she finds someone who loves her for who she is -- and they manage to make a life together that pleases both of them.Give this subversive little gem to your girls who love princesses.
review 2: This is a very different sort of fairy tale since the princess does not have a kingdom of her own and also lacks any wealth. She travels around other kingdoms delivering packages. As she journeys she looks for her kingdom, assuming that a princess must have a kingdom somewhere. She stops
... more and visits other royalty but as she isn't wealthy and has no kingdom they treat her to their second best everything, except the court jester who shares with her his very best joke and a pair of his red tights (because her feet looked cold). And yet despite everything several princes and even a king want to marry her because of her charm and beauty (and very possibly her red tights). In fact they are so determined that they get into a food fight over it, which does not impress the princess. Instead she heads off to find her happiness elsewhere.I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It's a typical fairy tale in that the good are rewarded, but not necessarily in all the ways one might think. I like the idea being expressed that happiness can be found in love and family and finding our own 'kingdom' even if it isn't a typical or even tangible place. And Sarah Gibb's illustrations are beautiful and sweet. less
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I dont care that I am supposed to be a mature and serious grown up person. I want to read this!
The story is touching, but the illustrations are phenomenal! So beautiful!
Gorgeous illustrations, and there's even a mention of a public library!
Beautiful illustrations and a sweet fairy tale story.
Felnőtt fejjel is igazi tündérmese. *.*
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