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The Innovators: How A Group Of Hackers, Geniuses And Geeks Created The Digital Revolution (2014)

by Walter Isaacson(Favorite Author)
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147670869X (ISBN13: 9781476708690)
Simon and Schuster
review 1: "The Innventors" is a fascinating history of the computer revolution and the women and men, who created the Information Age. Although most of the activity happened during my lifetime, I was largely unaware of the radical change occurring right before my eyes. The book helps me appreciate the creativity and vast array of engineering feats that allows us to enjoy our toys, like email, the World Wide Web, Ipad, Wikipedia, search capabilities. Several of the authors's points were of particular interest to me. First, a woman, Ada Lovelace foresaw the use of computers in the 1800's, and women were instrumental in programming the early computers. Second, many of the inventors, mostly men, were drawn to computers and what they could become by tinkering with transistors and ... moreother electronic components when boys. Makes me wonder how many girls could have (and could today) benefited from exposure to science. Third, most of the successful inventions and commercial start-ups were the result of collaboration and were built on the advancements made by those who came before.
review 2: This is a beautifully written account of the development of the machine based information age. it begins with Babbage and Ada Lovelace in the early 19th century and ends with Google. The writing is engaging and introduces the layperson to most of the people responsible for how we exchange in formation today. This is one of the thrusts of the book. The other, and more important, one for me is Mr. Issacsons's explanations of how the innovation process worked--it organization and the incentive structures. The book captured my attention and imagination. I had read Mr. Issacson's biographies of Frankling and Einstein and this work surpasses them in scope and power of explanation. less
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Fascinating and well-written. I loved Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, and this was equally good.
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