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Showstopper (2000)

by Abigail Pogrebin(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with this play, but I needed more of a hook to become invested in this story. I wanted to feel a connection to the inner workings, the ups and downs of putting together a Broadway hit or miss. The facts were there, and it was a nice overview, but it would be great if the concept was expanded and a depth of character development could be there as well...Overall fun, but I wanted more....
review 2: "Hey, buddy, wanna write a show?"I always thought Evelyn needed a backstory."Merrily" was an unknown to me until I was cast as Beth in a community-theater production a few years back. And I didn't know this author until a few weeks ago. But now I'm a fan of both. Pogrebin gives us a funny, poignant and nuanced look at Sondheim's only
... more flop, which to many of us is one of his biggest hits. She's unafraid to detail its flaws even while reminiscing in an often heartbreaking manner about how much it meant to her. When you're a teenage girl cast in a new Broadway show, every moment is indelible.I will definitely look up more of the author's bylines. As soon as I test myself on the lyrics to "Franklin Shepard Inc." less
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Great story Abby! Enjoyed learning about your theater roots.
Really liked it, but wish it was longer with more detail.
Charming memoir
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