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What I Thought I Knew: A Memoir (2009)

by Alice Eve Cohen(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
0670020958 (ISBN13: 9780670020959)
Viking Adult
review 1: The details of this story/life are remarkable and I admire Cohen's courage to talk about the difficult decisions she made. I was mesmerized, actually, and enjoyed reading this book quickly. It's not a story that invited me in or helped me understand life better. Instead, it worked, for me, as story of one woman's creativity and how she handles her fertility, sense and actuality of motherhood, depression, and art. The story doesn't lay claim to any universals, and I respect that, yet it makes me wonder if these universals are what I look for in a story. (Compare this, for example, to Wave, which is a story of particulars, yet took me to a higher understanding of life.)
review 2: Very fast read but full of difficult subject matter. A book for that walks thro
... moreugh the authors consideration of the options of her pregnancy: birth & keep, birth & adoption, and abortion...not just any abortion a late-term abortion. We all sometimes need to walk in someone else's shoes for a bit...just be warned she says some weird stuff that seems to be unnecessary and possibly just for shock value. less
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It was an interesting read, but hard at times with all the back and forth.
Fascinating true story that was nearly impossible to put down.
Very interesting and honest memoir- I read this is two days-
Fascinating story, wonderfully told.
Book group book. It was ok.
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