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The Reading Promise: My Father And The Books We Shared (2011)

by Alice Ozma(Favorite Author)
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0446583774 (ISBN13: 9780446583770)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: I was soooo looking forward to reading this book! Dad and daughter decide to read together at night for 100 nights ... and they do it! So then they up the streak to 1,000 nights.This is the memoir of a girl growing up with her dad during quite a dysfunctional time in their lives, though I'm not sure if they are aware of quite how dysfunctional their lives are. Initially I was not a huge fan of the story, but after discussing it in book club I got some new insights from other readers and it helped improve my outlook on the book. It wasn't quite what I was expecting (I wanted more of the books and how they felt about each one), but she's a young writer and she did okay. I wasn't fond of her as a child (severely precocious in an absolutely annoying way) and unless she wrote a... more diary to reference as an adult I'm not sure how she remembers half this stuff, but whatever. The sentiment is nice.
review 2: I am disappointed by peoples reviews of this book! It is a Memoir, written from a child perspective because she Was a child when this was a major part of her life. She never hinted at being smarter or more perfect than other people, and she was not off put by her fathers human flaws. He tried to be the best single father he knew how to be, and dealt with difficulties in a creative manner. Maybe some of you need to re-read parts you really didn't think about. less
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A lovely non-fiction about a dad who read to his daughter for over 3000 nights straight.
A touching story - much better than I thought it would be
A light, easy, entertaining read.
I'm planning a reading streak!!
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