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This book is about a baby girl born in India and adopted to an American couple. It is the story of the girl, her biological parents and her adopted parents. The Indian side of the story was interesting and made me want to read more about the Indian culture. The American side of the story was full of very shallow character development and annoying characters. About 1/4th through the book, I looked to see how much I had left to read and was filled with dread at having to read 3/4's more of this book. I would say at around the 3/4 point, the story got a little better, but then it ended with a nice tidy ending. This book was very unrealistic, and the way the story was told with some time periods of the girl taking chapters and chapters and others being unacknowledged left me feeling like I really did not know the girl at all. She is a baby...then suddenly a teenager? What happened there? If you love the Indian culture or relate personally to adoption stories, you may enjoy this book.
There is much to love about this book:As someone who's experienced miscarriage, this author really seemed to get it and she wrote about it so well. I've never been to India but I've been in Ethiopia, so I could imagine some of the smells and situations she describes.She doesn't Hollywood end the book (or Bollywood for that matter!), but does complete the stories.It is an easy short read with small chapters that dart between US and India, but not confusingly. I read half in the bath last night and the other half tonight. Really am on a book binge!
Easy read, interesting look at life in India.
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