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Why Is Daddy In A Dress? Asking Awkward Questions With Baby Animals (2009)

by Amanda McCall(Favorite Author)
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0061857548 (ISBN13: 9780061857546)
William Morrow Paperbacks
review 1: sigh. they have done it again, so i have done it again. i cant write a review for this book, but i can write a review of my acquisitiveness, particularly when it involves the genetic splicing of cute with rude. i have been targeted: bossy bear, olivia, gloomy... its an industry geared at making my apartment smaller and smaller with stuff. i am the worst ascetic ever. can you be a monk with finger puppets? or cat-dolls with knives? is there somewhere i could thrive? doesnt matter. if they build it i will come. twss. this book is fantastic and full of sweetfaced animals with zero social skills. and they are postcards so you can share, if you are good at parting with things.or have friends.
review 2: The quality of cuteness is much improved in this second book. My
... more only problem is that I want two copies of it--one to keep and one to completely destroy in order to mail disturbing postcards to my friends (and also a few complete strangers just to spice things up). The photos had enough "aww" factor to give the disturbing text the correct balance. I don't know of a better gift to loved ones than an adorable postcard asking "Is this herpes?" (I'm aware of the frequency with which I'm using "cute" and "adorable" to describe these postcards and what I expect from them, but geez, nothing fits better. Baby animals are just fucking cute and adorable.) less
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amazing. the best part is, the pages are all postcards. imagine the possibilities...
Funny little gift book I bought for a friend's birthday.
literary gold
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