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Love & Salt: A Spiritual Friendship Shared In Letters (2000)

by Amy Alznauer(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Reading this book was a total fluke for me. I picked it up off the shelf at the library because of the cover! A life-long Catholic, I generally don't read Christian literature. (I don't dislike it, I am just more of a fiction lover and never have gotten into reading spiritual-type books). I was surprised at how I was hooked - I really did like this book. The authors met a a writing class and decided to write letters during Lent one year (a letter a day, roughly). One author, like me, was a Catholic from birth, while the other was converting to Catholicism. They had very different writing styles...one lighter, funnier, "easier to read", and one deep, thoughtful and much more challenging to interpret. I loved the idea of them exchanging handwritten letters to support... more each other during Lent -- and beyond, as the letters did not stop for several years.They talk about their successes and failures in trying to grow in their faith while dealing with modern day life. As writers, they are also readers, and they liberally sprinkle others' writing in with their thoughts. The book was far from stuffy, they poked and prodded at Catholicism from every angle. Each author in turn reported struggling mightily with believing. It was refreshing to have them write so honestly about their doubts (one writes about having a bad "doubting" day and struggling not to laugh out loud during Mass because she was at that moment thinking that religion, and faith in general, might be just a big joke). So journeying with them was a comfort...how many times we doubt if any of this (believing) is real. This is however, a serious book about religion, faith and the pursuit of both. They are devout young women pouring their hearts out on paper in an intelligent, thoughtful read. It will take some time to read this book, and there are times it is "heavy" reading, but in the end you make the journey with them and are glad you did.
review 2: It took me a long time to read this. Like life, I found I enjoyed it most when I moved forward a little bit each day! But over time I found myself underlining in agreement with so many of their observations, and empathizing with their journey of faith. I was especially touched by the letters that spanned their pregnancies. So much of the conversation that new and expectant parents have is focused on earthly matters like nursery furniture and baby showers, that it was compelling to follow their faith journeys, their fears, joys, and sorrows, through their pregnancies. less
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Love love loved this book. The honesty, truth seeking and loyal friendship touched me deeply.
I did not finish this book. I just could not get into it.
My Mom just sent this to me. Thank you, Mom.
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