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Siesta Lane: A Year Unplugged, Or, The Good Intentions Of Ten People, Two Cats, One Old Dog, Eight Acres, One Telephone, Three Cars, And Twenty Miles To The Nearest Town (2009)

by Amy Minato(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 5
1602393281 (ISBN13: 9781602393288)
Skyhorse Publishing
review 1: Siesta LaneSiesta Lane: One Cabin, No Running Water, and a Year Living Green. Amy Minato (2009). Skyhorse Publishing: New York.“There is no substitute for direct experience, for sun on our face and soil in our boots. We need to risk a genuine, daily relationship with place. The only remedy is to take that precarious step outside.”In an attempt to lessen her impact on the environment, Minato decides to slow down and live the quiet life in Oregon. Using her lyrical skills, the poet (The Wider Lens, 2004) tells the story of her year getting closer to herself and her love of nature. What emerges is an ode to nature with a vibrant examination of the mind of a woman at midlife. She learns to love the silence of only her heartbeat and the night and all its trappings.“Mis... moretral — a powerful, cold, dry northeasterly gale. How many words for wind? We need words for these variations, these gestures of air.”
review 2: I found this book mildly interesting. The author left busy Chicago and settled into one of eight cabins on a piece of property in Oregon. She had no electricity or running water and the group shared meals in a "main house." Life slowed down and Amy Minato was able to get back in touch with herself and the land. I loved some of her observations, particularly one on the abundance of choices in modern life. She finds herself overwhelmed in a grocery store in Eugene and says, "I had always believed that the more choices in life, the better; but now that doesn't seem true. It feels more like oppression of its own kind. Every miniscule decision takes time and energy...and takes me farther away from my connection with everything deeper in life." This book made me stop and take a breath. less
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wonderful poetry woven into this memoir, lovely purpose
Fast read. Met the author, really nice woman!
ok book, but I expected more from it.
Oregon setting - starts in Eugene.
Review pending.
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