Chapter 30: Progress

The old computer in the house was more of a paperweight than a workspace, and Kanto wasn’t sure if it would ever turn on. But it did, finally, blinking slowly. He’d never actually used it before, and didn’t know if Wendy had either. He hoped it was connected to the internet.

He had heard a voice, that much was clear. It was also clear that nothing like that had ever happened to him before. Usually, once he got into the groove of the violin, he heard absolutely nothing; it was like meditation. But now…

He could still remember the words, or at least the sounds. Not words he’d ever heard before, anyway. But even though he hadn’t been able to comprehend the meaning, he still understood the message. Somewhere, out there, was a home that welcomed him. It was an invitation, really.

After replaying the song in his mind, he began to play, this time focusing on the melody, of how the song made him play. And for the first time in his life, the noise that emerged from the violin actually sounded like music. It wobbled and felt strained, but he could hear the melody of the invitation song in his head.

And now that that was done, he tapped furiously on the computer. What were the words? What did they mean? How would he ever find out?

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