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Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People (2010)

by Amy Sedaris(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
044655703X (ISBN13: 9780446557030)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: During some very difficult months in our lives my kids and I stumbled across a copy of this. Although it was inconvenient, we took it with us everywhere we moved in those months. We would pile in the bed together and laugh and laugh and laugh. There is one particular "spread" that caused the children to go silent for concern out of Miss Amy's well-being, but I snorted the loudest on those pages, so they eventually carried on. We will cherish this lovely philosophy tome and German expressionist dance history for many years to come. (It's a wha? Craft book? oh. That's odd.)
review 2: oh my what can a person say about this book. There is nothing in this book you would really want to make and display in your house....not really. That is unless you are going for tha
... moret weird serial killer, crazy woman decor, then maybe this book has everything you need. I may not want to make anything that's in this book but I still love to share it with people, and place it on my coffee table because you can not look through this book without laughing out loud at something. Amy as always I love you. less
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I enjoyed the section on sausages, but there could have been a greater cohesiveness to this book.
Kind of mean spirited. Too stream of conscious to be funny.
So funny... her books are the best! I love her!
super fun and funny and quirky
Not what I was looking for.
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