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Angel Of Death Row: My Life As A Death Penalty Defense Lawyer (2010)

by Andrea D. Lyon(Favorite Author)
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1607144344 (ISBN13: 9781607144342)
Kaplan Publishing
review 1: Angel of Death Row is Lyon's memoir, taking the reader from her legal education at a school that emphasized clinical experiences to the Cook County public defender's office, where she eventually rose to the position of chief of the Homicide Task Force. After she left public defense, she founded the Illinois Capital Resource Center and later moved to teaching.Lyon reports the investigations and trials of many cases. "Winning" a case does not always mean the defendant is acquitted -- it can mean that a defendant who is charged with first degree murder is convicted of manslaughter. And when a defendant is convicted of a capital offense, it is a defense victory if the penalty phase of the trial results in a sentence of life imprisonment. Remarkably, in 19 of the 19 capital cas... morees Lyon has tried through the penalty phase, not one of the defendants was sentenced to death.
review 2: I really liked this book. I support the death penalty but reading this made me rethink my position. I still believe some crimes are so heinous that the harshest penalty is deserved. However the author did such a good job of humanizing these folks despite the crimes they committed. She never excuses anyone for their actions however she does work to spare their lives. Her writing was excellent and kept me engaged. I was actually teary eyed after many chapters. Overall a great read. less
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This book is incredibly inspiring. Ms. Lyon's passion and dedication are just simply amazing.
We need more strong women like Ms. Andrew Lyon in this world! Wonderful book!
Fascinating read. Definitely changed some of my opinions.
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